Friday, August 26, 2011

Hottest russian guys " Vladimir Ivanov "

Oop! what up's guys? we meet us again and we are still in russia. I never thought before that russia has a lot of handsome ,sexy and hot guys.I think you guys should visit it before all of hot guys left gg. Ok befroe we meet the russian guys , i would like to ask you guys. Do you guys know, what is the most famous russia souvenir? Give me an answer in comment and let see a new hot guy.
Vladimir Ivanov
Who is Ernest Gulbis?
He is a hot russian model guy (This guy has a really charming eyes and face, what you guys think)

When was he born?
20 September 1988
Where was he born?
Kyrgystan, Russia
How he became a model?
He started in 2008 at the fall issue of Numéro Homme, photographed by Greg Kadel (In this magazine, Vladimir has a very good looking. Do you guys think like me?)


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