Sunday, September 19, 2010

The fantasy of Dan Skinner

Dan Skinner is a true talent. His photography by far is some of the best that captures the emotion of the setting. There are so many hidden innuendos within his photos that make them a pleasure to look at. I’ve featured Dan before on my blog, as he always captures the male body in a way that’s very real and at the same time complete fantasy. Dan’s influences in the fantasy come through often in his photos, and this is what defines his photography I think, and is what keeps me coming back for more! He goes places that perhaps we’ve all thought of but never have quite seen captured in a way that Dan can. I love his work and I know you will too, so I am sharing with you some more of his great work that captures the male body and male emotion in various fantastic settings. Absolutely delicious and decadent stuff!


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