Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Cutie Andruw Barnes

What a great smile this kid has eh? 21 year old Andruw Barnes of Atlanta Georgia is the lovable jock from down the street. You get the sense that Andruw is easy going and that you’d get along famously with him. It seems to come through his pictures. Andruw describes himself as “outgoing, selfless, sarcastic, goofy but, most of all, unique.” What I love about Andruw’s photos is that they are real, and sincere. You get the sense of the real guy, who is absolutely stunning. Sometimes it’s not quite about the perfect body or the perfect abs, but more about how real and true the model can be. A believable model is a sexy model. Don’t get me wrong however, Andruw has a great body, great v-shape Adonis definition, biceps and arms, and a smile that would kill. Enjoy these delicious shots of an even more delicious dude!


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